Medical Boards

Medical Board Management

The sheer volume of information medical boards handle on a daily basis is astronomical. If your organization’s business system is bursting at the seams, then you know you’re in real trouble. Rather than muddle through hordes of data and constantly try to put out fires, wouldn’t it be better to get a system in place that deals with your current issues while looking ahead to your future challenges?

Because we have experience creating solutions for medical boards, we know how to architect a system that matches all of your known requirements… plus we know many of the hidden requirements to look for. Our goal isn’t to revolutionize the way your organization runs. Our goal is to make sure you’re able to respond to the changes in your field of medicine today, while considering changes that may come up in the future.

Exam Management

One of the biggest components of your system is how it handles exam management. You need a system that allows you to:

    ·        Process eligibility

    ·        Handle registration fees, exam fees, late fees, et cetera

    ·        Set up exam dates, locations and registration for both written and oral examinations

    ·        Score exams and provide results quickly

    ·        Reconcile transactions from the exam system to your accounting system

Automating these processes reduces your risk of errors, improves productivity and ultimately saves time and money. With everything automated, you’ll be able to pull better metrics to aid in exam development. See what we mean? We’re always helping you think of the future.

Certification Management

We know Certification Management is a whole separate beast from Exam Management. It has different needs and requirements. But don’t worry – we can help you build a system for that, too:

    ·        Certification status of your constituents

    ·        Maintenance of Certification (MOC)

    ·        Specialty and sub-specialty certification

    ·        Medical licensing for each physician

    ·        Monitoring of DANS alerts

    ·        Behavior profiling of your constituency

Having your certification process under control will allow you to focus on other key areas of your organization.

Access Portals

Allowing the right people access to the right information is a huge time saver. We’ll help you develop portals for your training program director and your doctors. This will definitely cut down on the number of calls your team has to field.

Training Programs Portal

The Training Programs Portal is created to meet the specific needs of your program director. Training reports for each doctor are entered and reviewed here to make it easy for the program director to access their residents.

Doctor Portal

This portal allows physicians to log in to a secure system to review their official status. This is your primary interface for your constituency to access records, register, pay fees and more..

What are you waiting for? Time is money. Contact us now and let’s get your project going.

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